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About Blarney Hydroseeding

Blarney Hydroseeding is a division of Blarney Construction LLC that has been serving the South Shore since 2009. The owner, Sean, has over 20 years of experience in the hydroseeding field. Blarney Hydroseeding is a local family owned business that wants you to succeed in growing a lush green lawn. Sean, his wife Bridget, and their children Maryrose and Liam, enjoy riding around the area to admire our customers’ beautiful lawns.


Why Blarney?

We use 100% wood fiber mulch to give you the best lawn possible. Not just shredded newspaper that other, lower cost machines are required to use due to their weaker pumping and agitation systems. Blarney Hydroseeding is committed to using only the best quality products applied with the most up to date equipment and industry leading techniques.

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