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Blarney Hydroseeding

Blarney Hydroseeding has been servicing residential and commercial clients on the South Shore since 2009. We provide professional, fast and affordable hydroseeding with high-quality products so your lawn grows beautifully and keeps more money in your pocket

What Is Real Hydroseed?

We use 100% wood fiber mulch loaded at a minimum of 1700 lbs per acre to give you the best lawn possible. When you are buying hydroseed, you are looking for quality “green stuff” and plenty of it, otherwise you are just buying seed and shredded paper. Weight matters, more "green stuff" equals a superior product.


We don't use the shredded newspaper that other, lower cost machines are required to use due to their weaker pumping and agitation systems. Blarney Hydroseeding is committed to using only the best quality products applied with the most up to date equipment and industry leading technique


We always include:

- 8.3 lbs per 1000 sqft of quality turf grass seed

- Starter Fertilizer in our mix.

- Root Enhancer additive that enhances root system development and contributes to a stronger healthier plant.

- Soil enzyme additive which will kick-start strong root growth and boost nutrient uptake to increase potential. The enzyme optimizes the soil microbial community to help produce a stress-resistant plant. It starts working immediately and lasts up to 60 days.



Remember, the operator controls what goes in the mix.


Brad C.

"Great experience. I’ve used Sean and his team several times at my house and business. Turns out great every time."

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